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Help People Better Their Lives Through Sport

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Inspire Normal People with Sport Stories

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Help People Stay Committed to Their Process

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About Us

Hi and Welcome. This is the section where we tell you a bit about us, so here we go. We are a couple in our thirties and on June 2019 we set out to tour Italy on bicycles, from Sicily, in southern Italy, to Salzburg, Austria. An amazing 1500 km adventure, probably the best thing we ever did. After months of research, and countless questions on whether should we actually do it - one day we simply made a decision. We're doing it. We're going to cycle across Italy!

We carried all our gear on our bikes. We slept in a tent and got to experience a small taste from many different places in Italy. Had gone through very hot days to rainy days. Learned about how we as a couple cope with stress and difficulties. We met the most fun people and ate the most delicious food after the most horrible climbs :) All in all - extremely recommended! 

This experience made us value adventures. The importance of taking a bold decision and going for it. The place of boundaries in our life, and the frequency we challenge & update them.

We're going to write more about our adventure, so stick around :)

P.S If you have any question - please contact us from the contact us form and we'll answer back as soon as we can.

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